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Cleonmaye Corp. Research and Development is both a consulting and R&D firm located in Queens, NY. The company was founded to advance research in the area of renewable energy. Since its inception, there have been many changes to get us to where we are today. Many events have shaped how we view ourselves and our identity as a company and the legacy that we want to leave behind. 

Active Magnetic Bearing

Our first Research and Development project led to a patented active magnetic bearing that creates a microgravity environment for mechanical shafts as in engine, generator, and motor assemblies. The benefit of having a microgravity or frictionless environment for moving mechanical and electrical parts is that there is less heat which has a negative impact on performance and also accelerates wear on the materials. These two factors take away from the useful work that machines are designed to do. The more efficiently we can produce electricity the better it is for the environment; this also paves the way for us to shift the way that we consume electricity as well. There are many other applications for active magnetic bearings and we feel that one area where the most immediate impact will be felt is in the renewable energy sector.

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Currently what we do is consume electricity as it is produced, this is an inefficient way of mass production. We can call these Produce-Transport-Consume (P-T-C) and Produce-Transport-Store-Consume (P-T-S-C) models. Instead what we should be doing is produce, store, and then consume electricity. This process is more uniform, stable, and predictable which makes it scalable.
The reason why it is important to make a shift to the P-T-S-C model is that our commercial and consumer technologies require more electricity consumption for sustained operation. Even with renewable energy in the mix this is still a very inefficient method. The goal is to shift to 100% renewable energy and our primary source of consumption is from stored energy. The current production methods will remain in place but merely as the source producing electricity for storage. This also means that we can switch to renewable energy sources as our primary production method. This model also has implications for the Direct Energy Industry, for direct energy devices the charging period is extremely long which makes them currently impractical. For devices such as direct energy weapons, medical, electric vehicles, and the transportation industry in general faster charging is a valued advantage. This patent is a key component in building out the infrastructure for the P-T-S-C model.
Direct energy devices require quick charging and discharging at very high voltages. The amount of energy that we produce for these devices i.e. CERN, Military Rail Guns is not high enough to make them practical everyday devices. The reason why there are no commonplace applications is because the infrastructure does not exist. This application is a first step in standardizing direct energy storage capability for commercial applications; therefore establishing an infrastructure.
There are many companies working to solve the issues of commercial-grade community energy storage and we look to partner with them to deliver viable solutions. We know that there are crazy dreamers out there like us we want to meet you and hopefully work together to make the next generation of incredible products. Come and join us, an exciting future awaits.

The Zephyr Maglev Alternator

“Experience better performance.”

Alternators have been wasting energy on friction and heat for decades; we are changing that by using Maglev Technology.

The Zephyr Ultra-Low Friction (ULF) Maglev Generator/Motor’s design is a radical shift in electromagnetic bearing technology that produces greater efficiency versus its non-magnetic and magnetic bearing counterparts. A unique feature that sets the Zephyr ULF Generator apart from others is the interlocking magnetic C-Channel that creates a nearly frictionless track.

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This approach minimizes the mechanical braking effects that drain productive energy in electrical kinetic energy conversion. By reducing the overall torque, this Generator is ideally suited for small wind turbines (1-100kW) operating at lower wind speed conditions. The Zephyr is scalable and can work for turbines greater than 100 kw.

The speeds that rotor blades need to rotate to generate electricity are lower than those recommended for electricity generation. The cut-in speed requires sufficient torque to start producing electricity. Magnetic braking forces, and other impediments that cause friction, impair the turbine from performing optimally for the given wind resource. The Zephyr enables wind turbines to extract more electricity conversion at varying wind speeds and, due to the maglev technology, significantly reduces friction.

The alternator is a critical component of wind turbines. The environment in which they operate impacts the alternator’s longevity and requires regular maintenance. Replacing an alternator can be time, labor-intensive, and costly. Switching to a Zephyr alternator will increase the electricity production and lifecycle, reduce operational and maintenance costs and lower the levelized cost of energy.

For wind turbine designers, wind farm developers, or wind asset managers, the Zephyr alternator can improve your turbines’ performance and return on investment by 10%. We are currently exploring paid pilots with strategic partners; if you are interested in developing the next generation of maglev alternators, we would love to connect. Contact us today.

Technology Transfer Days

For scalable startups that have innovative solutions and need access to resources such as major laboratories, subject matter experts, research teams, manufacturers, government buyers then Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Technology Transfer Research (STTR) can be an avenue to get government grants and resources. Please see the link to our Technology Transfer Days (TTD) website where you can get access to Meetups and you can connect with like-minded people, learn about the ecosystem, get assistance, collaborate on projects with other companies, pitch your products and services to the government buyers.

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